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Single Code Operations Center (SCOC) is the operations, non-partisan arm of the Uganda Consumer Lenders Association (UCLA) and Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) dedicated to smoothen the operations of the deductions at source. SCOC is ratified by a chatter and kick-started it’s operations since February 2022.  

Located in Muyenga, Plot 9 Dr. Basangwa Lane, The single code operations Center consists of 4 departments namely, the Reconciliation team, Relations Management team, Management, and information systems, Finance and Admin all under the stewardship of the SCOC executive Director, Mr. Joshua Wakhata.

What we do

Collections and relations management, Complaints Management, Reconciliation, Business Intelligence

Collections and Relations

Spread in the four regions of the country, we have an ever-present team of relations management team headed by Yona Kakuru that is in charge of ensuring that payments from the votes are made on time. This is done by ensuring that the relations with our clients (government votes) are maintained.

Complaints Management

A well-experienced team of professionals that handles complaints at the center to ensure that all aggrieved civil servants are sorted as promptly as possible. This also acts as an information desk at the center for any information about the center.


Perhaps the core service at the center. This team breaks down payments collected by the relations team performs a reconciliation and determines how much each member institution is owed

A competent team offering top-notch services and support to public service.


Teamwork, Service, Efficiency and Professionalism

Mr. Joshua Wakhata

The center is under the capable hands of Mr. Joshua Wakhata who offers stewardship and ensures the smooth coordination and operation of the center and its activities.

Mrs. Sheilah Nakigudde

Mrs. Sheilah Nakigudde is the team leader of the reconciliation team at the center. Recon team comprises 6 data analysts with an SLA to dispatch funds within less than 24 hours.

Mr. Yona Kakuru

The principle head of the relations team, Mr. Kakuru heads a team of 6 officers across the country branches that ensure that 482 deductions come in on a timely manner.

Automation of Payroll Deduction

The single Code Operations Center oversees the automation of the Payroll Deduction by using a state-of-the-art digital system called the Payroll deduction Management System (PDMS) that implements the guidelines of the Government of Uganda surrounding payroll.


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